An introduction to HCG, How it treats Low T while supporting fertility

HCG Injections for Men Near Me in Dallas, TX

As leaders in diagnosing and treating conditions that affect male reproductive and sexual health, Low T Guru in Frisco, Texas, is privileged to offer so many therapeutic options for patients throughout the Dallas metroplex. Led by Dr. Jeffrey Buch, our team is well-versed in the benefits and potential drawbacks of each treatment option or technology. Due to the unique advantages and disadvantages of each, we first get to know our patients and their specific needs and goals. Notably, some therapies for low testosterone are not appropriate for patients who still desire children, as fertility can be adversely affected.  HCG Injections  … Continue reading

Enhance The Odds of Successful Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction With Safe, Regenerative Stem Cells

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Near Me in Dallas, TX

As an authority in male sexual and reproductive function, our director at Low T Guru, Dr. Jeffrey Buch, has vetted the “latest and greatest” technologies and treatments to safely support the health and well-being of men throughout Frisco, Texas, and the greater Dallas Fort Worth metroplex area. Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction  In our practice, the use of stem cells to improve or eliminate the many symptoms of ED is multi-faceted; we use stem cells in conjunction with platelet-rich plasma (PRP or “P-Shots”) and the advanced GAINSWave® system. The latter technology uses low-intensity sound waves to aid in improving … Continue reading

Safe, effective and fast Hormone pellet therapy for Low T

Hormone Pellet Therapy Near Me in Dallas, TX

Low T Guru supports the health and well-being of men throughout Frisco and greater Dallas, Texas. Led by Dr. Jeffrey Buch, a noted authority on male reproductive and sexual health, our patients have considerable peace of mind that each therapy or treatment approach is safe and effective.  Hormone pellet therapy for low testosterone While we are pleased to offer so many advanced technologies and treatments that illustrate all of the “best” that modern science provides, the use of hormone pellets is time-tested; men and women alike have benefited from these small, Tic Tac-sized “pellets” since the 1930s. In fact, more … Continue reading

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): Revolutionary ED treatment that unlocks your body’s natural healing, self-renewal, including Stem Cells

PRP Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Dallas TX Area

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) originated as a medical treatment in the 1970s. Researchers first started to use this “super-charged” blood (plasma enriched with platelets) to treat patients with thrombocytopenia, characterized by low blood platelet counts. Since then, PRP has established itself as a versatile therapeutic to unlock the body’s natural healing and regenerative capacity.  The benefits of PRP are further enhanced by the addition of Stem Cells.   Applications have ranged from alopecia and skin rejuvenation to maxillofacial surgery and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries.  It also presents an exciting, safe, revolutionary, and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, available … Continue reading

Why Testosterone Replacement Therapy may be appropriate to regain your confidence and well-being

Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Dallas TX Area

Testosterone is associated with many functions linked to how we feel and how we feel about ourselves. This hormone is responsible for bone and muscle strength, fat distribution, facial hair growth, sperm, red blood cell production, sex drive, etc. So, when testosterone levels are inadequate, men may experience several adverse side effects, including:  Gynecomastia (swollen, tender breast tissue)Lack of interest in sexErectile dysfunctionInfertility AnemiaExcess fatOsteoporosisFatigue Feelings of inadequacy, depressionImpaired concentration and memory Dr. Jeffrey Buch is a true Low T Guru to turn to if you are from Dallas, Texas, for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and myriad other recommendations to resolve these … Continue reading

Renew your health vitality with effective treatments for Low T

Low Testosterone Treatment Options in Dallas TX Area

A deceleration in sex drive, cognition, strength, and acceleration of mood swings, exhaustion, and episodes of erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to be a foregone, age-related conclusion. These and other changes are common symptoms of “male hypogonadism” or “low testosterone.” While men aged 30 and older naturally lose testosterone at an average annual rate of 1%, Low T may also arise due to trauma, medications, diseases, dramatic weight fluctuations, and other environmental, developmental, and lifestyle factors.  Fortunately, equally wide-ranging treatment options are available for residents in Dallas, Texas, courtesy of the authority in male sexual health: Dr. Jeffrey Buch. Low T … Continue reading

Restore sexual satisfaction and healthy relationships with effective Premature Ejaculation Therapy

Treat Premature Ejaculation in Frisco TX Area

“Guru,” a well-respected and influential expert. As a leading authority in male infertility and reproductive medicine, our Medical Director, Dr. Jeffrey Buch, truly lives up to the brand “Low T Guru.” Dr. Buch lends his considerable specialized expertise and experience to empathetically consult with you and others in and around Frisco, Texas, and the DFT metroplex. He accurately detects the true nature of distressing concerns, such as premature ejaculation (PE). Due to his extensive experience and training in the field, Dr. Buch is knowledgeable about the latest medications and therapies to treat PE, as well as time-tested methods to regain … Continue reading

Is Low T to blame for fatigue, flailing libido? Effective therapy starts with expert diagnostics

Therapy for Low T at Low T Guru in Frisco TX Area

A lack of enjoyment doing the activities you once loved. Chronic fatigue that interferes with your ability to participate in sports at the high level that you once did. Stubborn fat and loss of muscle strength, despite a healthy diet and exercise. These are just a few of the many symptoms that can indicate low levels of testosterone (Low-T). Multiple therapy alternatives are available for patients diagnosed with Low T at the Frisco, TX office whose very name conveys our considerable skill in supporting men’s health: Low T Guru. Ease symptoms; take your life back! Testosterone refers to the male … Continue reading

Causes and Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Frisco, TX

Causes and Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Frisco, TX Area

Though common, erectile dysfunction can be a very disruptive issue, affecting relationships, self-confidence, and family planning. The underlying causes can vary, representing one or a combination of factors. While the occasional issue is rarely something to be concerned about, prolonged erectile dysfunction can suggest a more serious underlying issue, so if you are experiencing chronic symptoms, it is wise to seek a medical professional’s guidance. Dr. Jeffrey Buch is a nationally recognized specialist in male sexual issues, including erectile dysfunction. He is available to talk patients in the Frisco, TX, area through the causes of and treatments for ED, helping … Continue reading

How stem cell therapy in Frisco, TX can help ED

Stem Cell Therapy at Low T Guru in Frisco TX Area

When you hear about erectile dysfunction (ED), you might think of the little blue pill. However, that is just one of many different treatment options. Dr. Buch, of Low T Guru in Frisco, TX is a nationally recognized male health doctor, who focuses on reproductive and sexual health concerns. He understands that every man is different, and there is no universal “best” treatment. Therefore, he offers a wide variety of options, including innovative solutions such as stem cell therapy, PRP (platelet rich plasma), and the revolutionary GAINSwave procedure. What is stem cell treatment for ED? If you are seeking a … Continue reading