What to expect after hormone therapy with testosterone pellets

Hormone Pellet Placement in Frisco TX Area

Sexual health and satisfaction is a journey and process. As many men age, they may encounter challenges to their libido, the quality of their erections, and overall fertility. At Low T Guru in Frisco, Texas, we function as health care partners in this journey. Led by nationally recognized male sexual and reproductive medicine specialist Dr. Jeffrey Buch, our team explains the findings from tests and other diagnostic tools in a clear, understandable fashion. We do the same when educating patients on their treatment options and on what to expect before, during, and after therapies such as hormone pellet placement

This form of hormone replacement therapy may be recommended for men with low testosterone levels. They may have tried other options to treat low T. The use of non-invasive, small pellets (each about the size of a Tic Tac) can improve the symptoms associated with flagging testosterone among those patients who did not get relief from other treatment recommendations. 

Just as we empower patients with information about what to expect from the product and procedure before and during pellet placement, we are happy to support optimal and fast symptom improvement with thorough and clear after-care instructions. Following the insertion of the pellets, patients should: 

  • Steer clear of strenuous exercise or physical activities for at least two days. 
  • Keep the incision site dry, which usually means refraining from water sports, bathing, and other water-oriented activities for up to a week after implantation of hormone pellets. 
  • The gauze covering the insertion site can be removed. So, you may shower the following day. However, any skin tapes or strips should remain in place for at least five days. 
  • It is not unusual to experience slight discomfort. That is not a cause for worry. A warm and clean washcloth or heating pad can be applied for your post-implant comfort. 
  • Also, localized red discoloration can appear around the incision. This, too, is normal, usually minor in appearance, and temporary.
  • As hormone levels stabilize, patients may experience other mild symptoms, ranging from irritability to acne breakouts. We can discuss ways to remedy these problems and adjust the dosage for future treatment as needed.
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In general, the entire process from start to finish is well-tolerated and can be quite transformative for most patients with low T. Testosterone is replenished for up to six months, and the pellets are naturally and safely absorbed. If you are concerned about any changes to the treatment area, or emotional or physical changes, we encourage you to contact us. Start the process today by calling Low T Guru at (972) 430-4554.

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