Men in Frisco, TX ask, “Is fatigue a sign of low testosterone?”

Sign of Low Testosterone at Low T Guru in Frisco TX Area

There is no question that time can take a toll. However, it is a myth that feeling tired, moodiness, and losing your enthusiasm for life is an inevitable part of aging. More likely, it is related to a medical condition. In men, this very well may be a sign of low testosterone, which is treatable. Dr. Buch and the team of Low T Guru are proud to offer diagnostics and advanced treatment options, helping the men of Frisco, TX rediscover their zest for life. What is low T? Testosterone is a hormone naturally produced by the human body. It is … Continue reading

How much do stem cell injections cost? Frisco, TX doctor urges you to weigh the benefits and consider value

Cost and Benefits of Stem Cell Injections with Low T Guru in Frisco, Tx Area

Think of stem cells as your body’s “raw materials.” In turn, these are the generalized cells that can develop into more specialized cells of any tissue in the body. In controlled conditions, stem cells divide to form “daughter cells,” which either self-renew or differentiate into cells with more specific functions. No other cells have the capacity to naturally generate new types of cells. These cells may be used to replace damaged cells and regenerate diseased tissues in any part of the body for patients with wide-ranging conditions, including those related to sexual and reproductive health. Stem cell injections cost and … Continue reading

Cures for erectile dysfunction, courtesy of Frisco, TX authority on ED causes and risk factors

Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Cures with Low T Guru in Frisco, Tx Area

Sexual performance and the satisfaction people get from sex involves many different factors, from hormones to emotions. As a complex process, several physical and mental health conditions can cause erectile dysfunction. As an authority in male sexual and reproductive health, Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch has an extensive understanding of the risk factors and systemic and psychological challenges responsible for ED. While problems achieving an erection are common and not always cause for concern, if they interfere with your confidence and relationship, Dr. Buch starts by looking for potential causes – the first step towards effective treatment. Erectile dysfunction causes and … Continue reading

Experienced Frisco, TX doctor discusses many options for how to fix Peyronie’s Disease symptoms

in Frisco, Tx Area Doctor Discusses Many Options for how to Fix Peyronie’s Disease Symptoms with Low T Guru

Doctor Peyronie’s Disease in Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX and elsewhere refers to François Gigot de la Peyronie, a French surgeon who first described a thickening of the corpora cavernosa tubes that run the length of the penis way back in the 1700s. These cylinders are filled with spongy tissue and, when blood flows into them, this creates an erection. Peyronie’s Disease is also known as PD or “penile fibrosis.” But, for the patients who visit Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch of Low T Guru, regardless of the name, they just want the symptoms gone! Like Dr. Buch’s many former and … Continue reading

Gain confidence, ease pain – treat Peyronie’s disease effectively with Dallas area and Frisco, TX guru’s expertise

Treat for Peyronie's Disease in Frisco Area

“Guru” is defined as an intellectual guide and leading authority in a field. With “guru” in our practice’s name, you expect certain things. Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch applies his more than 40 years of clinical experience and his enthusiasm to employ the latest proven technologies to benefit patients and their partners.  These advanced technologies are by no means limited to the treatment of low testosterone. Low T Guru is also well-equipped to treat Peyronie’s disease from our Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX location, though, it should be said, that lower levels of testosterone have been implicated in several studies as … Continue reading

Searching for a doctor in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX to treat erectile dysfunction? Choose an authority on men’s sexual health

Doctor for Erectile Dysfunction in Frisco Area

No other male sexual concern is more common than erectile dysfunction. The American Academy of Family Physicians reports, in his lifetime, one of every three men will encounter ED. Because there is no “first-line” diagnostic test for ED, it’s critical to find a doctor for erectile dysfunction in Frisco, TX that has the expertise and takes the time to fully understand your symptoms, medical history, lifestyle, and other factors that play a role in the development of this condition. Dr. Jeffrey Buch is sought after by peers and patients alike, as an authority in male reproductive and sexual health. The … Continue reading

Cures for premature ejaculation call for a clear understanding of the causes, courtesy of Dallas area and Frisco, TX doctor

Cures for Premature Ejaculation in Frisco Area

We are fortunate to live in DFW, the fourth-largest metro in the country and consistently one of the fastest-growing markets in the U.S. We have so much to do, and so many top-notch services to enhance our health and quality of life. Dr. Jeffrey Buch, along with the team at Low T Guru, is proud to contribute favorably to the healthcare environment in the Metroplex. We look forward to enhancing you and your partner’s life with cures for premature ejaculation in Frisco, TX that are based on a thorough evaluation of your symptoms and medical history. This approach, and Dr. … Continue reading

Treatment for painful curved penis (Peyronie’s disease) by Dallas suburban Frisco, TX doctor

Painful Curved Penis Treatment in Frisco TX Area

At Low T Guru, we help men in or near the Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX, with several conditions that may impact their overall health and wellbeing. When patients are diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease, they are often experiencing painful erections and sexual intercourse due to a curved penis. This is caused by plaque that can form underneath the skin and cause discomfort. Patients who are looking for treatment for Peyronie’s disease find that our team of professionals can help! Symptoms of Peyronie’s disease First, we look at the symptoms that can lead to a diagnosis of Peyronie’s disease. Symptoms include: … Continue reading

Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX doctor offers diagnosis and treatment options for patients with low testosterone

Low T Treatment Options in Frisco TX Area

Low testosterone levels can impact a man’s fertility and overall well-being. Symptoms of low T can include loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, loss of lean muscle mass, depression, anxiety, and even chronic fatigue. With an evaluation with Dr. Jeffrey Buch of the Low T Guru office, patients can get a proper diagnosis of their condition and work with our providers to find the best treatment option for their unique situation. Our doctor has years of experience in testosterone and fertility treatments and continues to provide men in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX, with suitable options to improve their … Continue reading

Learn the cost and effectiveness of Gainswave treatment in Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX

Gainswave Treatment in Frisco TX Area

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, is a problem that affects 10% of males around the world. In addition to impacting a patient’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection for sexual intercourse, it can impact their sexual partners. It can affect the quality of a couple’s sex life and their overall sexual satisfaction. Because of this, many men consider working with a doctor to learn more about the treatment options available to them. Dr. Jeffrey Buch of Low T Guru in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX, is pleased to offer a solution through shockwave therapy called GainsWave. What … Continue reading