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Male Sexual Dysfunction in Frisco TX Area

Sexual health and satisfaction depend on many factors. So, it stands to reason that numerous conditions can inhibit sexual function among Low T Guru’s male patients in Frisco, Texas, and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Fortunately, our center is led by one of the world’s foremost authorities in diagnosing and treating sexual dysfunction: Dr. Jeffrey Buch. Dr. Buch stays on the leading edge of research related to male reproductive and sexual health. So, you have peace of mind that our range of recommended therapies is clinically proven to be safe and to work. 

While treatments are highly personalized, based on our extensive testing and in consultation with you, all approaches start with an accurate diagnosis. Again, arriving at a proper diagnosis may involve everything from the results of blood tests to a review of your medical history. 

Conditions characterized as “sexual dysfunction” may be rooted in physical or psychological problems. These problems and their resulting effects can stand in the way of you and your partner’s relationship and the couple’s overall well-being. Sexual dysfunction may be manifested in the following ways, by no means a complete list: 

  • ED – Shorthand for “erectile dysfunction,” this condition is also known as “impotence” and involves problems with getting or sustaining a firm erection.
  • Premature ejaculation – It’s estimated that most men (up to 40%) will experience this problem, characterized by a man achieving orgasms and ejaculating prematurely or earlier than he (or his partner) would like.
  • Delayed ejaculation – Also known as “inhibited” ejaculation, men with this form of sexual dysfunction tend to reach orgasm and ejaculate too slowly – if at all.
  • Loss of libido – “Libido” refers to one’s sexual appetite or interest in having sex. In men, low libido can be rooted in a range of other problems – from low testosterone levels to the use of certain medications and the presence of emotional or physical illnesses (such as depression or hypertension).
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Depending on the nature and root of your concerns, Dr. Buch may recommend lifestyle modifications to address the effects of excess weight on sexual organs and function and on any pre-existing conditions. Hormone replacement therapy, such as testosterone supplementation, can make a tremendous difference among the right patients. Other treatments involve safe, well-tolerated penile injections, the use of vacuum technologies to bolster circulation, and advanced non-surgical GAINSWave therapy (optimized with PRP or stem cells). The options for treatment rival the many forms and characteristics of sexual dysfunction, and they require highly personalized evaluation and care. 

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