What can be done about premature ejaculatory dysfunction?

Premature Ejaculatory Dysfunction Frisco TX

If you have been diagnosed with premature ejaculatory dysfunction and live in the Frisco, Texas, area, Dr. Jeffrey Buch and his team at Low T Guru are here to help! We understand that early ejaculation can make time in the bedroom more frustrating than enjoyable, and we work with many men in the community who are dealing with the same condition. Let’s learn more about premature ejaculatory dysfunction and what can be done to address it!

What is premature ejaculatory dysfunction?

Buch describes premature ejaculatory dysfunction, sometimes referred to as early ejaculation, as a lack of control over ejaculation that results in an orgasm occurring before the man desires it to happen. This condition not only affects a man’s ability to enjoy his sexual experiences, but it can also negatively affect his self-esteem and relationships with partners.

What causes premature ejaculatory dysfunction?

Premature ejaculatory dysfunction is often caused by anxiety associated with sexual performance. Other potential causes include hormone imbalances, relationship issues, fatigue, or physical conditions such as diabetes or prostate disease. Certain medications and certain recreational drugs can also cause the problem.

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What can be done about premature ejaculatory dysfunction?

It is typical for Dr. Buch to consult with men looking for a treatment or cure for early ejaculation. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments that can be used to address this sexual dysfunction. Usually, the treatment is tailored to the individual and depends on factors such as age and underlying causes.

  • Topical creams and gels. These specialized products can help decrease sensitivity in the penis, allowing men to last longer during sexual intercourse.
  • Counseling. If premature ejaculation is related to problems within the relationship, counseling, and other therapies can help improve communication between partners and reduce the stress associated with “performance anxiety.”
  • Focus exercises. This includes focusing on different bodily sensations or non-sexual thoughts to reduce fast arousal and anticipation of ejaculation.
  • Lifestyle changes. This may include reducing alcohol consumption or eliminating recreational drug use, which can contribute to early ejaculation.
  • Hormone therapies. In some cases where biological factors are involved, it may be a good idea to ask about hormonal replacement therapy to raise testosterone levels if they are low.
  • Kegel exercises. Dr. Buch may also recommend Kegel exercises for men. This involves squeezing and holding the muscles in your pelvic floor for a few seconds, then releasing. This can help men to better control their ejaculation and when it occurs.
  • Prescription medications. If premature ejaculatory dysfunction occurs alongside conditions such as anxiety and depression, certain SSRIs can assist in reducing the risk of early ejaculation for many men who struggle with these diagnosed mental health concerns.

Do not struggle with premature ejaculatory dysfunction!

Men suffering from premature ejaculatory dysfunction do not have to struggle with it alone. Dr. Jeffrey Buch and his team at Low T Guru in Frisco, Texas, can educate you on your options to find a solution that meets your and your sexual partner’s needs. If you live in or around the community and want to work with our dedicated, experienced professional, call (972) 430-4554 to request a visit at our office, conveniently located at 5757 Warren Parkway, Suite 110.

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