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Low T can affect almost every aspect of your life, but you don’t have to live with the condition. At Low T Guru in Frisco, TX, near Dallas, TX, Dr. Jeffrey Buch offers comprehensive services to help men suffering from low T to get back to feeling like themselves again. Because there are a variety of underlying factors that can lead to low T, the best treatment option varies by patient. Testosterone pellet insertion can be an effective form of hormone replacement therapy and has a high satisfaction rate among men that use them. Pellets can often provide relief from low testosterone symptoms when other replacement therapies have failed.

Low testosterone symptoms

It can be easy to think that low testosterone only affects your sexual function, but in fact, testosterone plays many important roles throughout your entire body. There are many wide-ranging symptoms of low testosterone, including:

  • Increased body fat
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Feeling fatigued or sluggish
  • Lack of energy and concentration
  • Decreased interest in sex
  • Difficulty maintaining an erection
  • Irritability and moodiness
  • Depression

In addition to these unpleasant symptoms, low testosterone can also be a health hazard. Low T can cause osteoporosis, in which your bones become weak and brittle, and has also been linked to a higher risk of dying from heart disease. 

Causes of low testosterone

Natural aging processes are a big contributor to low testosterone, but that is not the only cause. Low T can affect men of virtually any age and can result from a number of issues, such as a traumatic injury to the testicular area, cancer treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy, taking certain medications or supplements such as steroids, problems with your pituitary gland, and more.

How testosterone pellets work

Testosterone hormone pellet therapy is a type of low testosterone treatment that helps replenish the levels of testosterone in your body to get them back to a healthy level. The testosterone hormone used in the pellets has a bio-identical chemical structure to the hormones that are naturally created by your body, which helps ensure that the therapy works optimally. The pellets used are small – about the size of a Tic Tac. After the pellets are inserted, they release testosterone in controlled doses into your bloodstream regularly to provide a steady stream of the hormone throughout your body. While patches, injections, creams, and pills are also available to supplement testosterone, pellets deliver hormones like the way your body naturally does.

Data shows that pellets are one of the safest and most effective methods of testosterone replacement therapy, and they are not associated with increased risk of blood clots like other types of hormone replacement therapy. While they may seem like a modern medical technology, hormone pellets have actually been used to treat hormone imbalances as far back as the 1930s!

How the pellets are inserted

Prior to inserting the pellet, we will measure your hormone levels and conduct a thorough evaluation to ensure that testosterone pellets are the right choice for your individual needs.

The testosterone pellet insertion procedure is quick and we take measures to ensure you are comfortable. First, we clean the site where the pellet will be inserted (typically the upper buttocks or lower abdominal area) and then apply a local anesthetic. Once you are numb in the insertion area, we make a small incision in the skin to insert the pellets and then close the incision.

After the insertion, we encourage you to avoid exercise involving your lower body, except for walking, as well as swimming or sitting in hot tubs or baths for a few days. You can resume your normal activities after the bandage has been removed. We will cover all of the after-care information in detail with you so you are well informed.

When you will notice results

Some men start to feel an improvement in their symptoms in as little as one to two days, but other people may not notice a difference for one week. Your lifestyle and factors such as stress and medication usage will impact how soon you notice results and how dramatic they are.

How long they last

Testosterone replacement pellets typically work for about four to six months at a time in men. Because they are made from bio-identical hormones, the pellets dissolve and are naturally absorbed by your body over time.

Insurance coverage

Because low testosterone is a medical condition, a few insurance companies will cover testosterone pellet therapy, although it is not typically covered.  Since we do not participate in any insurance plan, we can only assist to the point of providing you the documentation that you will need to try for insurance reimbursement on your own..  

Hormone pellet therapy for men at the Low T Guru

If you think you might be suffering from low testosterone, there is no need to continue feeling less than your best. Call the Low T Guru in Frisco, TX, near Dallas, TX, at (972) 430-4554 today to learn about your options.

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