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Your guide to LowT… solved!  Partners, in your Health and Wellness!

Low T Guru Can Solve Your Low T side-effects

Why choose ?

Our Director, Jeffrey P. Buch M.D., has committed his professional career from onset to serving men with Reproductive and Hormone problems, since completing his Urology training in 1985 and a 2 year Fellowship in Male Reproductive Health and Microsurgery from 1985-1987.

Dr. Jeffrey Buch is an innovator in this field and has pioneered many of the various treatments for LowT.

We are dedicated to your Best possible Health…

The elegance of simplicity is obvious in our customized and personal approach to the unique features of each client’s situation.

We see many clients who transfer care from other doctors and clinics/centers claiming to be experts on LowT.  So often they tell us how mistreated they felt in those other clinics, much like being quickly “herded” through a maze, rather than patiently listened to in a respectful and caring way.

Diagnosis, Education and Treatment

We educate our patients, to enhance their understanding of what causes LowT, proper diagnosis and the multiple treatments available, including honest discussions of pros, cons and costs.

We are your partners… toward better Health and Wellness. We are your LowTadvisors, literally, your LowTguru. But, ultimately, we know that an educated YOU, is the best one in charge of your own Health.

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