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What makes Low T Guru in Frisco, TX different from other low testosterone and erectile dysfunction providers?

Low T and erectile dysfunction... solved! We are your partners, in both health and wellness!

Why choose Low T Guru?

The medical director of Low T Guru in Frisco, TX, Jeffrey P. Buch, MD, has committed his entire professional career to serving men with hormone and reproductive health problems.

He completed urology training in 1985 and a 2-year fellowship in Male Reproductive Health and Microsurgery from 1985-1987 and has served as an innovator and pioneer for low T treatments, erectile dysfunction (ED), and other male reproductive health issues since then.

We are dedicated to your best possible health and well-being

At our ED and low T clinic, we take a customized, personalized approach to each patient's situation to optimize their male reproductive health.

Many of our patients have seen other ED or low T doctors or clinics who claim to be experts on the condition but ended up being dissatisfied being "herded" through a maze instead of being listened to in a caring and respectful way.

Diagnosis, education, and treatment options for everyone

ED and low T in men can cause significant problems for not only their individual health and well-being, but also their mental health, self-confidence, and romantic partnerships. We understand the importance of properly diagnosing and effectively treating the underlying issues causing your ED or low T problems, which is why we offer novel treatments such as GAINSWave® for ED and low T therapies that preserve fertility.

We educate all our patients, so they understand the causes of their male reproductive health issues, and honestly discuss all the pros and cons of their treatment options. We understand that budgets are a factor in everyone’s decisions and are up-front about costs so you can confidently decide on the best treatment for your personal needs.

Your partners in health

We are your partners in achieving better health and wellness. If you are suffering from ED or low T, we are here to serve as your advisors in achieving these goals—literally, your low T and ED gurus! Ultimately, when you are educated in your own health, you are empowered to make the changes needed to start living better. Call us today at (972) 430-4554 to schedule an appointment!

Guy welcomes everyone with a smile

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