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Hormone Pellet Therapy Near Me in Dallas, TX

Low T Guru supports the health and well-being of men throughout Frisco and greater Dallas, Texas. Led by Dr. Jeffrey Buch, a noted authority on male reproductive and sexual health, our patients have considerable peace of mind that each therapy or treatment approach is safe and effective. 

Hormone pellet therapy for low testosterone

While we are pleased to offer so many advanced technologies and treatments that illustrate all of the “best” that modern science provides, the use of hormone pellets is time-tested; men and women alike have benefited from these small, Tic Tac-sized “pellets” since the 1930s. In fact, more data supports this method of hormone replacement therapy than any other method for the delivery of hormones.

Therapy at Low T Guru

If Dr. Buch determines that you are a good candidate for this hormone delivery method, he will set the stage for optimal treatment outcomes by taking measurements of testosterone levels before the application of the pellets. The treatment site is then cleansed, and a localized anesthetic is administered for utmost comfort during this well-tolerated process. Once the area is numbed, the pellets are gently precisely inserted through a tiny incision in the skin of the butt cheek. The incision is then closed and small ice pack applied to minimize swelling.  Our team provides you with clear and detailed instructions on post-care. 

The procedure itself only takes about 10 minutes of your time, along with 10 minutes of set-up and prep. It is low-risk and not associated with blood clots or the other adverse health effects connected with alternative hormone therapies. 

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Our patients also appreciate that:

  • Pellet therapy is hassle-free; get back to swimming, the sauna and hot baths, and lower-body exercises after 3 days. 
  • They can experience symptom improvement, such as more energy and stamina, in around two to three day(s). 
  • The effects of pellet therapy are lasting; testosterone is released consistently for four to six months until it is dissolved and absorbed by the body, naturally and safely. 

As partners and authorities in male sexual health, Low T Guru presents an array of tailored treatment options. If, for instance, you have not achieved the desired symptom improvement with lifestyle modifications alone, testosterone replenishment with hormone pellets may be the right life-altering therapy for you! Call us at (972) 430-4554 to schedule your confidential consultation at our Frisco office.

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