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Penis Curvature Correction Near Me in Dallas TX

Dr. Jeffrey Buch of Low T Guru in the Frisco, Texas area is an experienced provider in the community that works with men to help them feel and function at their best. If you are a man in the area dealing with penis curvature and are seeking effective correction, it might be time to talk to our Dallas, Texas, area professional. He provides information regarding diagnosing a crooked penis and effective treatment options that can help.

What can cause a crooked penis?

The primary cause of a crooked penis is Peyronie’s disease. This happens when the penis is injured and damages the capsule of the erection cylinders (corpora cavernosa) of the penis. This injury or repetitive micro injury can cause the unwanted formation of scar tissue which develops a plaque that can be painful and uncomfortable and can physically distort a man’s erection. A physical examination is all you need to diagnose this condition properly.

How can a doctor correct penis curvature?

Dr. Buch has several methods available for patients to help correct a crooked penis. This may include any of the following:

  • Medication. Our team may recommend supplements such as Vitamin E and prescription medications to help with erectile dysfunction to ensure sufficient erections to follow through with sexual intercourse.
  • Injectables. A special type of injection using collagenase clostridium histolyticum, or Xiaflex, can be administered over a series of injections to reduce penis curvature.  However, this method can be painful and is very expensive.
  • PRP, stem cells, and GAINSWave. GAINSWave is a device that offers a low-intensity shockwave designed to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and soften plaque caused by Peyronie’s disease. It can be combined with stem cells and platelet-rich plasma injections to improve the curvature of the penis significantly, with little to no discomfort.
  • Surgery. When a crooked penis is not responding well to these other treatment methods, it may be time to speak to our team about surgical interventions. Dr. Buch can discuss this surgery at length to ensure patients know if it is the best option for their unique situation.
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How do I learn more about the correction of a curved penis?

If you are struggling with curvature of the penis or have been diagnosed with conditions such as Peyronie’s disease, it may be time to speak to our team at Low T Guru to determine the best treatment option. Dr. Jeffrey Buch has helped thousands of men restore their confidence in the bedroom! Call (972) 430-4554 to request an appointment at 5757 Warren Parkway, Suite 110, to learn more.

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