Stem cell therapy in Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX for men with ED

Stem Cell Treatment for Men with ED in Frisco Tx Area

Staying at the leading edge of technology in medical practice, Dr. Jeffrey Buch in the Dallas Fort Worth suburb of Frisco, TX treats patients with Stem Cells to restore erectile function in men suffering with ED.  Stem Cell  treatment and research play an important role in many areas of medicine today, and this includes the treatment of erectile dysfunction, or ED. Dr. Jeffrey Buch of Low T Guru is pleased to provide patients with solutions that are best suited for their unique needs and help them achieve the results they desire.

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction, or ED for short, is a male’s inability to obtain an erection sufficient for successful sexual intercourse. Some men may have the ability to achieve an erection but it may not be as firm as it was or he may lose it during the middle of sexual intercourse or find that they are unable to achieve orgasm. The condition can be caused by medical, physical, or emotional changes in the body. Dr. Jeffrey Buch works with men regularly to find the cause(s) of their ED and to provide practical solutions. For many men, stem cell therapy may be an important consideration.

How can stem cell therapy help with erectile dysfunction?

Stem cells are involved in tissue healing in general and for creation of new blood supply to healing tissues more specifically.  Stem Cells can be obtained from a variety of sources, but the richest source of Stem Cells comes from Tissue Banks that cryopreserve Stem Cells from the umbilical cord of newborns.  Since the umbilical cord connects two immunologically different humans, the mother and the baby, it cannot cause a rejection response in any other individual regardless of blood type.  Stem Cells are best used in conjunction with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).  PRP is the plasma portion of your own blood obtained from spinning out the red blood cells in a centrifuge.  PRP contains a high concentration of growth factors that work synergistically to enhance the healing properties of Stem Cells.  The penis is treated with low intensity acoustic energy waves (GAINSWave) prior to injection of the PRP and Stem Cells with a tiny needle into the side of the penis, into the penile cylinders that lock in blood to give the erect penis its “backbone”.  Using GAINSWave first, activates the tissues of the penis so that the healing growth factors of the PRP and the Stem Cells will be attracted to “stick” to the tissues of the penis where they are needed the most.  This treatment can be used in conjunction with other therapies offered by Dr. Buch, including:

  • Psychological treatment
  • Erectile dysfunction medications
  • Elimination of medications aggravating the ED as a side effect
  • Balancing the hormone levels in the body
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Many men find stem cell therapy to be a safe, effective, and affordable solution for their sexual health concerns including ED.

Discuss the possibility of stem cell therapy with our doctor today

Dr. Jeffrey Buch has spent 34 years working with men who have been experiencing erectile dysfunction. If you are considering using stem cell therapy for ED, contact Low T Guru today by calling (972) 430-4554 and taking charge of your condition. Low T Guru is conveniently located in Frisco, TX at 5757 Warren Parkway, Suite 110.

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