Enhance The Odds of Successful Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction With Safe, Regenerative Stem Cells

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Near Me in Dallas, TX

As an authority in male sexual and reproductive function, our director at Low T Guru, Dr. Jeffrey Buch, has vetted the “latest and greatest” technologies and treatments to safely support the health and well-being of men throughout Frisco, Texas, and the greater Dallas Fort Worth metroplex area.

Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction 

In our practice, the use of stem cells to improve or eliminate the many symptoms of ED is multi-faceted; we use stem cells in conjunction with platelet-rich plasma (PRP or “P-Shots”) and the advanced GAINSWave® system. The latter technology uses low-intensity sound waves to aid in improving circulation. Both the administration of stem cells and GAINSWave® can be used to enhance PRP effectiveness and support optimal treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. 

Stem cells are primarily the body’s “raw materials”; they are the cells from which other cells with specialized functions are made. Within a controlled setting, such as a lab, stem cells split to form more “daughter” cells, becoming new stem cells or specialized cells with specific functions, such as bone or brain cells. No other types of cells have the natural capacity to generate new cell types. In turn, therapies that use these cells are often “regenerative” in nature. Stem cells may be deployed to make new, healthy cells that replace those affected by disease or dysfunction. 

As a form of ED treatment, stem cells may be deployed to repair damage to the penis. The function is restored, and patients notice improved erections, longer-lasting erections, enhanced penile length (and girth), and overall improved sensation and self-confidence. 

The process

PRP is a safe “autologous” procedure, which minimizes the risks of adverse side effects because the blood used during this process is your own. After taking a small blood sample, it is “prepared” or spun using centrifugal equipment to isolate and concentrate powerful platelet-rich plasma and growth factors. Once the treatment area has been precisely numbed, the site is further “prepared” to “accept” the PRP with the application of GAINSWave®. The introduction of GAINSWave® promotes optimal treatment by creating healing signals in the penis, which then attracts and retains regenerative factors within PRP. 

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At this point, the PRP is gently and precisely injected. We may also introduce stem cell injections to facilitate enhanced healing and regenerative response than with PRP alone. Our stem cells are sourced from highly-regulated tissue banks. The Wharton’s jelly substance, derived from umbilical cord tissue, is associated with superior stem cells and a high volume of young stem cells. Patients also appreciate that this approach does not create an immune response once the cells are injected, making it a low-risk process. It is also fast (can be completed in around 45 minutes) and has no downtime – get back to your busy schedule straightaway! 

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