Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy for ED in Frisco, TX

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for Ed Frisco area

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, it can be easy to lose hope. Many treatments fail to provide enough results, and ED can cause frustration and self-confidence problems for both you and your partner. At Low T Guru, Dr. Jeffrey Buch offers groundbreaking treatments for patients in the Dallas, Plano, and Frisco, TX areas, such as platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy to help you regain your sexual health.

What is PRP therapy?

Platelet rich plasma therapy is a novel treatment that is increasingly being used in a variety of medical and cosmetic applications. PRP injections harness your body’s own healing and restorative powers to rejuvenate tissues in the treatment area. In the context of erectile dysfunction, PRP injections (also known as “P-shots™”) can:

  • Stimulate healing and the growth of new blood cells
  • Restore blood flow to the penis if you are suffering from ED due to issues such as prostate cancer, diabetes, or have poor circulation
  • Increase the length and girth of your penis by boosting its vasculature
  • Result in better erections that last longer
  • Enhance sensation in the penis and sexual pleasure
  • Shorten the time to form a new erection after ejaculating

The PRP injection process

There are little to no side effects from PRP injections because they use your body’s own cells. We start by performing a simple blood draw and then using a powerful centrifuge machine to create a concentrated PRP formulation from your blood. Then, we apply local anesthetic to your penis for your comfort and inject the PRP.

PRP injections can be combined with other therapies such as GAINSwave and stem cell injections for a comprehensive approach to ED treatment. Using all three treatments together can provide remarkable results, as the GAINSwave procedure causes your body to generate healing signals that attract and retain the PRP and stem cells in your penis.

If you are tired of struggling with ED and the strain it is causing on your sexual relationship, the non-judgmental team of men’s health professionals at the Low T Guru in Frisco, TX is here to help. Call us today to learn more about ED treatments such as PRP injections at (972) 430-4554.

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