Causes and Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Frisco, TX

Causes and Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Frisco, TX Area

Though common, erectile dysfunction can be a very disruptive issue, affecting relationships, self-confidence, and family planning. The underlying causes can vary, representing one or a combination of factors. While the occasional issue is rarely something to be concerned about, prolonged erectile dysfunction can suggest a more serious underlying issue, so if you are experiencing chronic symptoms, it is wise to seek a medical professional’s guidance.

Dr. Jeffrey Buch is a nationally recognized specialist in male sexual issues, including erectile dysfunction. He is available to talk patients in the Frisco, TX, area through the causes of and treatments for ED, helping you decide the right course of treatment based on your specific goals.

The Underlying Causes of ED

Male sexual arousal is the result of a combination of complex, interacting systems — emotional, hormonal, neurological, vascular, etc. — and erectile dysfunction may suggest an issue with any of these, as well as a combination of multiple factors. Unexpected factors like stress or even anxiety about being able to achieve or maintain an erection can influence erectile function as well and can lead to ongoing issues.

At your first appointment with Dr. Buch, he will help you sort through all these factors, going over various causes that could be attributed to any dysfunction you have experienced. You will have a comprehensive conversation, potentially followed by an examination. Once he understands your symptoms’ primary cause or causes, you will discuss the different options available for restoring function.

Treatments for ED

The healthiest, most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction is prevention. Proper management of existing health conditions and a few potential lifestyle changes — like avoiding smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, and regular exercise — can go a long way in preventing erectile dysfunction. Also, seeing a doctor like Dr. Buch early on can help you understand where your risks may lie and the changes you can make to avoid developing ED.

If prevention is no longer an option, there are still a variety of effective options available. Based on a complete evaluation and a review of your symptoms, Dr. Buch may recommend one or a combination of solutions.

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The most familiar treatment might be common prescription medications like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, or Stendra. Each has been clinically proven to treat erectile dysfunction effectively. Dr. Buch will talk you through the benefits of each, helping you decide which, if any, is right for you. Other treatments can include penile injection therapy, vacuum constriction devices, ED surgery, and a revolutionary new therapy called GAINSWave® therapy — a non-invasive shockwave therapy that treats the underlying causes of ED.

There is no shortage of options for treatments that can help restore or improve erectile function. To sort through them and determine which treatment is right for you, Dr. Buch will partner with you, helping you become an informed, active participant in your own care. He does not push unnecessary treatments but will help you understand each option’s benefits and risks, so you are comfortable with your treatment plan from start to finish.

Patients living in the Frisco area looking to prevent or recover from erectile dysfunction can call Dr. Buch for a consultation appointment at (972) 430-4554.

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