Taking a look at testosterone Injection Therapy in Frisco

Testosterone Injection Therapy in Frisco area

Testosterone is a hormone that plays a vital role in everything from sexual function to muscle tone and overall health. When men suffer from Low testosterone (otherwise known as hypogonadism), it can cause a number of complications including decreased sexual libido, lower energy, increase in body fat, hair loss, and more. At Low T Guru in Frisco, TX, our team has decades of experience helping men with low testosterone. As your local experts in male sexual and reproductive health, we’ll help get to the bottom of your concerns to help your body feel better and improve your quality of life. With testosterone injection therapy, we can help men suffering from Low T feel improvements in vitality, sexual function, mood, and health.

Understanding Low T

In men, the hormone testosterone is produced in the testes and controlled by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. The level of the sex hormone peaks around early adulthood. As men continue to age, there is a natural decline in testosterone levels. In fact, beginning in a man’s 30s, testosterone levels start to decline at a rate of approximately 1% per year. Nearly half of men between the ages of 50 and 70 struggle with Low T, although it can impact men as young as in their 20s.

Besides age, other factors that can impact the production of testosterone include obesity, diabetes, pituitary gland disorder, inflammatory disease, trauma, or certain medications such as corticosteroids.

A natural decline in testosterone on its own is necessarily a deficiency or cause of concern. However, in the case of symptoms along with the low T levels, it’s advised to seek testing and treatment for the condition.

Symptoms of Low T

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low libido
  • Fatigue
  • Decrease in muscle mass and strength
  • Depression/lack of motivation
  • Increase in body fat
  • Hair loss
  • Decrease in bone density

Accurately diagnosing Low T in Frisco, TX

If you suspect that you may have Low T, the first step is to schedule an appointment with the Low T Guru for an initial health assessment. During this visit, a simple physical examination will occur along with a blood test. Once the results of the blood test are available, you can make the decision on whether or not to pursue treatment with a phone consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Buch, but this can be in person if you wish.

If the results indicate a problem with low t, we will discuss different testosterone treatment options. One such option is testosterone replacement injections.

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The Benefits of Testosterone Injection Therapy in Frisco, TX

Testosterone injection therapy helps regulate male hormones to address any problems related to low T. The injections are given approximately once a week. Following the injections, there will be a peak in the testosterone level for a few days. The levels will slowly drop until the next scheduled injection.  We teach and encourage all clients to do their own injections, but we are able to provide weekly injections for those men who cannot or don’t wish to do their own injections.

Men who undergo testosterone injection therapy for low t notice many improvements to the quality of life including improved mood, decrease in body fat/increase in lean muscle mass, increased libido and ability to maintain an erection, increased bone density, improved cardiovascular health, better energy, and vitality.  

It’s important to note that testosterone replacement therapy can impact sperm count. Men who are currently trying to conceive should not undergo traditional low t treatment. Instead, we offer alternative treatments that can help alleviate symptoms while also preserving fertility. Please let us know if you and your partner are trying to become pregnant.

Alternatives to Testosterone Injection Therapy

Alternatives to Testosterone Injection Therapy in Frisco area

While testosterone injection therapy is our most recommended form of treatment, we do offer other options for patients who are done having children. Testosterone pellets can be placed under the skin every 4-6 months and have a high rate of success. While they tend to be more expensive than injections, they are an excellent option for patients who cannot incorporate weekly injections into their lifestyle. There’s also the option for topical skin gels that contain testosterone. This skin treatment requires patients to apply a testosterone gel to the skin in a place where it will not come into contact with women or children. The gel is applied to the skin and then should be covered with clothing or a bandage to prevent contact with others.

How long does it take for testosterone injections to begin working?

For most men, it takes 3-4 weeks to see some improvement in your symptoms but it can take longer. While most men will note this early response,  some will notice a much more gradual improvement over several months.

Treatment for low t should be considered a long-term process. Patients undergoing injections or other forms of testosterone replacement therapy should expect to continue treatment indefinitely or else they can expect to see a return of symptoms in association with low blood T levels.

Talk to Frisco area doctor, the Low T Guru about testosterone injection therapy for Low T

If you believe that you have been experiencing many of the symptoms of low t, it’s important to schedule a consultation to talk to the Low T Guru. After a thorough evaluation and testing of your testosterone levels, we’ll be able to come up with an individual treatment plan to optimize your health and wellness.

You don’t have to live with low libido, depression, unfavorable body changes, and other side effects of low t. Contact Low T Guru today to find out if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you. Take back control of your vitality, sex drive, and quality of life. Call us at (972) 430-4554 to schedule an appointment.

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