Doctor in Frisco, TX is providing treatment that links stem cells and erectile dysfunction

Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction in Frisco area

Are you facing self-confidence issues or problems with intimacy in your relationships due to erectile dysfunction? You are not alone. Erectile dysfunction (or ED) is an incredibly life-impacting issue that affects men of all ages. The important thing to realize is that erectile dysfunction is treatable. Dr. Jeffrey Buch at Low T Guru in Frisco, TX takes great joy in offering stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction to men looking for a solution to this far-reaching problem.

Even from the earliest tests, stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction has been showing promising and conclusive results. Men who have undergone this treatment have found restored sexual function very quickly.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is incredibly safe and there is no risk that your body will reject it because the stem cells are coming from Umbilical cord extract of a newborn baby, then frozen and stored by an FDA compliant tissue bank.  Since the umbilical cord connects two immunologically different people, mother and baby, it cannot cause a rejection from any other human and does not require blood or tissue typing. This is the richest source of Stem Cells available.  Mother and baby are tested for HIV and Hepatitis at the time of obtaining the Stem cells, and they can only be released for use 6 months later once mother and baby again test negative. The frozen umbilical cord extract is then mixed with platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) extracted from your own blood, and the combination is injected with a tiny painless needle into the sides of the penile shaft to stimulate a healing response to your erectile tissues..

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are cells that are naturally occurring in the body, which promote growth of new cells in healthy tissue. Stem cells are also wonderful because they promote healing in tissues that need repair or are damaged. Stem cells are different from other cells in your body and are set apart by several characteristics, including:

  • Stem cells can self-renew and are able to divide for a long period of time
  • In appropriate conditions, stem cells can differentiate themselves into completely different (and specialized) cells including liver cells, heart cells, cartilage cells, nerve cells, etc.

Stem Cells and Erectile Dysfunction

Stem cells, can be added to a platelet-rich plasma injection with the intention of repairing damage to the penis in order to restore full sexual functionality. The stem cells, with their ability to heal damaged tissue, will reverse and repair blood vessels and nerves within the penis to achieve successful results. Recent studies conducted around this procedure have shown significant results.

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