How much do stem cell injections cost? Frisco, TX doctor urges you to weigh the benefits and consider value

Cost and Benefits of Stem Cell Injections with Low T Guru in Frisco, Tx Area

Think of stem cells as your body’s “raw materials.” In turn, these are the generalized cells that can develop into more specialized cells of any tissue in the body. In controlled conditions, stem cells divide to form “daughter cells,” which either self-renew or differentiate into cells with more specific functions. No other cells have the capacity to naturally generate new types of cells. These cells may be used to replace damaged cells and regenerate diseased tissues in any part of the body for patients with wide-ranging conditions, including those related to sexual and reproductive health.

Stem cell injections cost and benefits in Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX at Low T Guru

An authority in male sexual and reproductive health, Dr. Jeffrey P. Buch is pleased to offer many advanced yet conservative treatments for a range of conditions, including stem cell therapy (SCT) for Erectile Dysfunction. As with other types of SCT, Dr. Buch implants stem cells precisely into specific areas of the penis. Exactly where those cells are implanted is specific to the patient, and the injury or condition that might be responsible for ED. These healthy stem cells then go about the business of repairing damaged tissues. 

Stem cells are sourced from regulated tissue banks. Low T Guru uses cells obtained from the tissue within newborn umbilical cords, which provides the richest source of stem cells available (richer than using tissues such as fat and bone marrow from your own adult body). In fact, research has shown stem cells at birth are at their peak potency, invulnerable from aging and disease processes. This approach is also safe; there is no risk of unfavorable immune reactions due to the umbilical cord connecting two separate people – baby and mother. Stem cell therapy at Low T Guru can also be optimized by using Platelet Rich Plasma, which also promotes  tissue regeneration, and with GAINSWave®, a handheld device that delivers energy via low-intensity sound waves to stimulate healing.

Additionally, SCT for Erectile Dysfunction is:

  • Long-lasting – Effects, such as improved erections and enhanced sensation, persist for up to one year.
  • Low-risk – There are fewer side effects than temporary alternative treatments, such as prescription medications.
  • Satisfying – Patients appreciate that they’re not at the mercy of waiting for pills or injections to take effect; they can be spontaneous.
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Dr. Buch appreciates that cost is a factor when weighing your options for treatment. We are transparent about our fees and upfront about the costs and value you may get from these treatments. Your cost also depends on variables such as the number of injections that are required and the severity of ED. So, schedule an appointment with Dr. Buch today. Call the Low T Guru in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX, at (972) 430-4554.

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