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Peyronie’s Disease Treatment Near Dallas TX area

Male health specialist Dr. Jeffrey Buch of Low T Guru offers Peyronie’s Disease treatment to men near Dallas, TX. Although it is rare in young men, Peyronie’s disease may affect as many as six percent of men between the ages of 40 and 70. When fibrous scar tissue develops inside the penis, the result is painful, curved erections. While all penises vary in size and shape including minor curves, Peyronie’s disease causes significant curves and pain. Side effects include difficulty getting and maintaining an erection, stress, and anxiety.

Peyronie’s disease treatment

In some cases, Peyronie’s disease goes away on its own. However, it is more common for the disease to remain or to worsen. If the bend is significant enough that it prevents or interferes with sexual intercourse, medical treatment is necessary. After an exam and possibly an ultrasound to check the severity of the scar tissue, the following treatments may be recommended:

  • Medications – Oral medications can help but may not be as consistently effective as other methods. Erectile dysfunction medications may help patients get and maintain erections, but they will not treat the curve in the penis.
  • Injections – Certain medications may be injected directly into the penis to break down the scar tissue. This helps reduce the bend in the penis.
  • Gainswave – Shockwave therapy through Gainswave helps improve blood flow in a non-invasive, non-painful manner. This therapy helps soften scar tissue and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels. Combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, the buildup of plaque is softened and lessened over time helping to reduce the bend in the penis.
  • Surgery – Not generally the first line of treatment, surgery may be recommended if the deformity or pain is severe and previous treatments have been unsuccessful. If you are a candidate for surgery, Dr. Jeffrey Buch will review the possible surgical methods, benefits, and risks to choose the appropriate treatment.

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