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Low Testosterone Treatment Options in Dallas TX Area

A deceleration in sex drive, cognition, strength, and acceleration of mood swings, exhaustion, and episodes of erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to be a foregone, age-related conclusion. These and other changes are common symptoms of “male hypogonadism” or “low testosterone.” While men aged 30 and older naturally lose testosterone at an average annual rate of 1%, Low T may also arise due to trauma, medications, diseases, dramatic weight fluctuations, and other environmental, developmental, and lifestyle factors. 

Fortunately, equally wide-ranging treatment options are available for residents in Dallas, Texas, courtesy of the authority in male sexual health: Dr. Jeffrey Buch. Low T Guru can replenish this hormone responsible for vital functions — from healthy bone and muscle mass to the production of red blood cells and sperm and satisfying sex life and overall well-being.

Restore testosterone, get back to your satisfying life

If Dr. Buch determines that the testosterone level in your blood is low, he may suggest testosterone therapy. Of course, treatment recommendations are specific to each patient’s needs and the root cause of the depleted testosterone. For instance, we may suspect that some of our patients can naturally boost their testosterone levels with lifestyle interventions, such as a healthier diet and regular exercise, promoting weight loss and muscle gains. As partners in your health, these interventions are also good for the health of your “system”! 

Testosterone may also be replaced through various means that transcend addressing potential lifestyle and environmental factors. The hormone may be administered:

  • Intramuscularly through once per week self injection
  • Topically with gels applied daily 
  • Small Pellets placed in the butt cheek by Dr. Buch with local anesthesia
  • Testosterone boosting medications that preserve fertility when needed
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Novel therapies such as the GAINSWave® system may also be used to address the symptoms of Low T, such as ED where this treatment increases blood flow to the penis. This revolutionary treatment delivers gentle, high-frequency sound waves to boost sensitivity and support firm erections that last. Appropriate therapies also depend on our patients’ family planning goals (and if they want to preserve their fertility), age, comorbidities, and overall health.

We are sensitive to your concerns and look forward to helping you—Call (972) 430-4554 to schedule a discreet consultation at Low T Guru.

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