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Low T Therapy in Frisco TX area

Are you frustrated by a lack of energy or vitality? Are you beginning to have concerns about specific aspects of your health, including your sex life, as you are getting older? Have you heard the commercials on radio or television about Low T and think that maybe this is your issue? If so, you should visit Dr. Jeffrey Buch at Low T Guru in Frisco, TX so he can discuss what Low T means for you and how it can be treated successfully.

If you have considered Low T treatment, it may be beneficial to know some of the top reasons that men, just like you, have also considered this treatment. No two men with low testosterone will have the same experience, but there are some telltale signs that can point to it being an issue.

Top reasons why men seek Low-T therapy

Studies published in the journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism show that 25 percent of the male population aged 30 and older suffers from low testosterone. Projections indicate that, by 2025, 65 million adult males will suffer. Although there are countless other reasons why men seek Low-T therapy, here are the top 3.

1. Decreased Energy

Men who have a hard time getting going in the morning and experience sluggishness throughout the day may be experiencing this due to low testosterone. Low T may also lead to a reduced desire to get exercise and can be associated with reduced muscle and strength. Many men suffering from low testosterone also experience changes in sleeping patterns, such as difficulty falling and staying asleep. Difficulties in concentration may also be noticed.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

Many men suffering from low T may suffer, as a result, with erectile dysfunction. Low levels of testosterone can lead to difficulties in achieving or maintaining an erection. This can lead to great emotional distress and embarrassment. Low T can even result in decreased fertility.

3. Decreased Libido

Even for men not suffering with erectile dysfunction caused by low T, they may still suffer from a decreased libido. The reason for this is that a decreased libido is a consequence of hypogonadism and this can lead to a negative impact on a man’s mental health towards their relationship with a partner or spouse.

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