Are You Ruining Your Testosterone?

Are You Ruining Your Testosterone - TX

Low Testosterone is a difficult condition that many men face every day. As many as 13 million Americans have low testosterone, and 90% of them will not seek low T treatment. With so many side effects, such as low energy, depression, low sex drive, weight gain, and erectile dysfunction, it’s safe to say that no man in the world desires to be diagnosed with low T. But what if you are causing low testosterone yourself without even knowing it? Although decreased levels of the male hormone occur naturally as a man ages, certain habits and activities could also be contributing … Continue reading

Low T and Prostate Cancer Risks

More Warning Signs of Low T, TX

A team of researchers at a university in South Korea recently found links between low testosterone levels and the likelihood of a biopsy showing the presence of “high-grade prostate cancer.” Led by Hyeon Jeong, MD, the researchers conducted their study at the Seoul Metropolitan Government Seoul National University with several hundred men participating. How was the Study Conducted? The team of doctors and researchers enlisted 681 men for the study, and each underwent a 12-core transrectal prostate biopsy. Out of these participants, some showed low testosterone levels and some had normal testosterone levels. Further, 143 men had a biopsy that … Continue reading

More Warning Signs of Low T

More Warning Signs of Low T, TX

Testosterone can impact your mind and body in many ways. Most men recognize that low libido, depression, and fatigue are signs of low T. However, this essential male hormone can also impact other areas of the body in ways that aren’t immediately obvious. A low T doctor can administer a blood test to confirm low levels of testosterone. It’s important to be aware of the symptoms of the condition, as well as the consequences of leaving the issue unchecked. Here are some of the less obvious problems that can develop with low testosterone. Memory Problems and Cognitive Difficulties You might … Continue reading

Male Menopause and Low T

Male Menopause and Low T, TX

While none of us likes to admit we’re getting older, it’s important to remain aware of natural changes in the body that occur over time.  Menopause is a concept usually associated with women with its hormonal changes, but some also refer to the natural hormone changes in men as “male menopause.” However, it’s important to distinguish between the two concepts. In women, menopause is the end of ovulation and the steep and swift reduction of hormones in the female body. For men, on the other hand, reduction of hormones and testosterone occur over many years, and the impact of those … Continue reading